Security Fence:

Facilities shall be protected by a fencing system in accordance with the requirements stated by the facility owner. Here at D4, our security engineers and design engineers, Design the fencing layout of the facility depending upon the classification of the facility from Class 1- 5. With Class 1 being the highly secured facility.

The types of wire used in the fencing are Barbed Wire, Concertina Wire, Razor Tape , Tie Wire etc. There is a specific methodology used for the fencing, for all category fences.The fencing is defined by the layout and components that are installed within the layout.


1. Layout

  • External Interference Area
  • Anti-Personnel Fence Area
  • Internal Interface Area
  • Provide recommendations on risk mitigation measures.

2. Components

  • Patrol Road
  • Anti-Personnel Fence
  • Anti-Vehicle Barrier
  • Surveillance
  • Lighting
  • Clear Zone
  • Sensors

These discrete components are combined and installed in the three main layout areas to achieve specified functionality.