Power generation plants/Electric Power and Distribution

Power plants are one of the most vitally important components of modern civilization’s infrastructure. A disruption in power will have a huge impact from large scale industries to small scale industries, society, healthcare, defence and national security and every sector of a mankind. The world would come to a standstill position if a power disruption happened. Eliminating a country’s ability to generate energy is a powerful weapon that demands effective defensive measures. Perimeter security can help but it isn’t enough to assure that your plants are protected from trespassers. So, our efficient team of security consultants helps such facility by providing an Integrated Security Layout considering every minute aspects of the facility and provide a highest standard of security. We participate, witness, and evaluate System Acceptance Tests (SAT) conducted by the integrator and perform complete audits of the installation to ensure compliance with all the fundamental security standards.

D4 develops Security Risk Assessments in order to identity threats, (Physical and network) vulnerabilities and risks associated to our client facilities and processes and proposes countermeasures to reduce those risks.